Never heard of the 1st of December Christmas box? Neither had I until last year. When Elliot was 2, we started a Christmas Eve box where he would have some festive items to play with and wear for Christmas. Although fun to set up, it felt like he didn’t have enough time to really enjoy everything that was in there. Cue the 1st of December Christmas box! As the name suggests, it is a special box that each family member/child receives on 1st December, or you can do one box for the whole family. The idea of this box isn’t to spend hundreds of dollars that you might not have at this busy time of the year, but to foster the Christmas spirit, spend some time as a family and provide some excitement for your children as you prepare for Christmas as a family. 

Below are some ideas that you can add to your December 1st box!

  • Special paper and pens to write a letter to Santa.
  • Advent calendar
  • Christmas mugs filled with special chocolates/lollies/hot chocolate mix
  • Christmas theme cookie/playdough cutters to make cookies together
  • Christmas craft
  • Christmas pyjamas
  • Christmas movies
  • Christmas books
  • New ornaments to put on the tree
  • New outfit to wear on Christmas day
  • A small Christmas soft toy or stuffed animal
  • Christmas puzzles
  • Slippers
  • Elf on a shelf
  • A list of activities you can do as a family in the lead up to Christmas (set up the tree, decorate the house, bake cookies, watch Christmas movies, family outings etc).

This wasn’t a tradition we held as children but it is definitely something I want to do with my babies as they grow up. The Christmas season is the busiest of all and it is easy to miss out on spending quality time with your family. The 1st of December box a fun and easy way to bring some holiday spirit to your home for the month leading up to Christmas.

Written by Samantha Chapman

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