Mother’s Day is swiftly approaching and it’s time to begin the frantic search for the perfect gift. May 9 is your chance to show mum you love her, appreciate her and that all the sleepless nights and mum hair were worth it – because she’s doing an amazing job!

Let’s get real: your mum deserves a gold medal, or diamond necklace, or both for raising you. It probably wasn’t a walk in the park! But, before you pull out that credit card for a snazzy gift or two, hear us out.

Mums of Monkey Tree HQ, are here to tell you something shocking. For Mother’s Day, we’re not looking out for bath bombs or novelty mugs (though we wouldn’t turn our nose up at them!). In fact, as a wise woman once said, the best things in life are free.

The things we want most for our special day are those money can’t buy. There’s so many little things you can do to show you love and appreciate us which don’t cost a thing!

That said, we’ve pulled together a list of the things your mum really wants for Mother’s Day, but is too noble to ask! You can thank us later.


1. A sleep in

At the top of the list for most mums is the chance to catch some long, uninterrupted z’s. That’s right, dad! Get the kids up, go for a walk and make them some brekky, but most importantly, make sure the special mama in your life is enjoying a guilt-free snooze.

Bonus points for greeting her with breakfast in bed when she wakes up.


2. Some alone time

Let us preface this one with the obvious. We love our kids. So much. But, sometimes a little time away is just what the doctor ordered. Whether it’s something as grand as a weekend away with a friend, a trip to Gold Class at the movies or just an hour or two of sweet, complete, uninterrupted silence with the kids taken out while we laze at home in peace and cleanliness… we’re daydreaming just thinking about it!

Alone time is guaranteed to be a welcome gift for the mum in your life and, while she might miss her babes, she’ll also really enjoy not having to hide in the bathroom to eat her favourite snack.

3. A clean house

Unfortunately, we live in a world where mums still take on a lot of responsibility keeping the house in order (by the way, 1950 called and wants its stereotypes back!).

This Mother’s Day, show the busy mum in your life you appreciate her by picking up the dog poop in the backyard, digging out the old nuggets from the grooves between her car seats and cooking dinner with an all-inclusive wash up service. You could even go the extra mile and hire a professional for a deep clean.

4. Something handmade

Nothing says “I love you, mum!” like a gift made with your own two hands. Get crafty and make a homemade card, key ring or painting and leave a heartfelt message. Mum is sure to feel a million dollars! Although this kind of gift gets old after 10 years straight of it so perhaps do the non-DIY version. 

Our Flower Press Kit from Poppy & Daisy is a great way to get your child’s creative juices flowing and help them use nature as inspiration for a beautiful gift. Alternatively, any of the wonderful arts and crafts they do at school or daycare are pure gold in mum’s eyes.


5. A big cuddle

Enough said. This is an easy one to add on top of anything else because when anything is done with a cuddle it says 'I love you, mummy.' 


6. A peaceful atmosphere

If the mum in your life has multiple children, chances are the house feels more like a fight club and she just wants everyone to get along for the day. You can give her the ultimate gift by making sure your little kung fu fighters are well behaved. Remember to organise some quality time for you, mum and the kids - no fighting, yelling, hitting or kicking allowed!

With all this extra time to relax, she’ll definitely need a comfy outfit to lounge around in. Check out our Bamboo Luxe Linen Jersey Lounge Set in Copper so she looks as amazing on the outside as she does on the inside.



We hope you got some great ideas and inspiration from our list of mum-certified gift ideas for Mother’s Day. If all else fails, we’re sure you know the way to mum’s heart without spending a cent. After all, she’s one of the most important people in your life - so make sure you show her!

P.S. Shout out to all the mum’s reading! If you LOVE these ideas, make sure you screenshot and share with your family. If you have other ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day gift we’d love to hear from you - comment below.

Written by Mikhailla Fitzgerald

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