If you have growing kids at home, you’ve probably realised that dressing them is easier said than done.

First, children move up sizes like it’s going out of fashion. They really do grow up so fast, so it can quickly become an expensive exercise to buy your toddler stylish new pieces each season – especially when they’re likely to grow out of them in just a few months.

Many parents find they accumulate piles of clothes which end up hanging unused in the wardrobe (see our Raw Wood Wardrobe Separators if you’re experiencing this problem!). Excess clothes can even contribute to household clutter and waste, which might be stressful as you navigate other challenges of parenthood.

Toddlers are also adventurous and very messy! That means it’s important to have pieces which are durable, functional and comfortable in their wardrobe rotation.

So, how can you make sure your little one is happy, safe and well-dressed? Here’s our advice:

  • Quality over quantity – Try to resist the temptation to overdo your child’s wardrobe. It may be hard, but a few versatile and well-made pieces will still look great. Plus, it will make laundry day a whole lot simpler!

  • Mindful shopping – When you’re out (or online) buying clothes for bub, be mindful about what you’re bringing into your space. Choosing eco-friendly, Australian designed and made pieces will make you feel warm and fuzzy about your conscious buying decisions – and you know they’ll be high quality too.

  • Essentials first – Before you go to buy this season’s biggest trend, make sure you have the essentials first! Think about whether the piece is necessary, or if it’ll just waste more of your precious time on shopping, organising and tidying up. Additionally, you could consider where your choices could match with your favourite buys from last season for an exciting new outfit combination.

With all this in mind, you’re ready to start shopping!

We’ve pulled out some of our favourite toddler wardrobe basics from the Monkey Tree collection which are perfect for matching with clothes from last season.

Check them out below.

  1. Bronze Bamboo Basics Bodysuit ($38.99)

This Two Darlings bodysuit is the perfect base to layer with other statement pieces. It’s also super comfy! Made of oh-so-soft cotton and featuring two snap fastenings on the shoulder, it’s easy to pull on and off, and gives your little one lots of room to explore and play.

To elevate this piece, pop an overall romper or sleeveless dress over the top for an effortless outfit that will be stylish and a little warmer as we head into Autumn. Or, layer these gorgeous sunflower shorties over the top to keep the Summer vibes flowing.


2. Organic Flutter Suit - Long Sleeve – Mauve ($32.95)

Who could say no to statement sleeves and pretty, muted tones? Susukoshi has done it again, bringing us a to-die-for bodysuit perfect for everyday wear. It’s made using a beautifully soft organic cotton elastane, so it’s soft on delicate baby's skin.

Your toddler can wear it by itself or dress it up with some harem pants and a headband for a comfy yet stylish combination. Their versatile ‘terracotta’ shade is gorgeous and is sure to pair well with many of your existing wardrobe staples.


3. Organic Kimono Long Sleeved Bodysuit - Sage ($32.95)

No toddler’s wardrobe could ever be fully complete without some cute basic bodysuits. Enter: the Susukoshi Organic Kimono Long Sleeved Bodysuit. This super soft, comfy bodysuit is made with organic cotton for everyday wear.

Oh, and did we mention it has snap buttons for easy changing? They don’t necessarily have to be opened when dressing your wriggly toddler, but they sure do come in handy at the best of times! Dress bub in this by itself for the ultimate casual yet stylish look, or layer it with these terracotta jogger pants for a down-to-earth colour combo made for relaxing, strolling and lounging.

4. Stripy Sailor Rainkoat - Ink Navy ($90.00)

toddler basics raincoat

No matter where you live, an essential part of your toddler’s wardrobe is at least one waterproof jacket. No ifs, ands or buts!

Our recommendation is this eye-catching Stripy Sailor Rainkoat which will keep them extra cosy and dry. Featuring welded seams, a soft cotton lining and roomy pockets for warming little hands, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better raincoat for kids anywhere.  In fact, after the wild wet weather we’ve seen on the east coast, you might even want to get it in another colour!

This coat is designed with an oversized fit, so it’s perfect for adding lots of warm layers underneath.


Decking out your toddler’s wardrobe can be so exciting, but it’s also easy to go overboard! Believe us, we’ve been there.

The good news is, you can stick to our advice about mindful shopping, stocking up on essentials and choosing quality pieces (like the one’s we recommended above!) for a full functional and stylish wardrobe – at a fraction of the price!

What essentials will you be on the look out for next time you’re shopping for your toddler?

Written by Mikhailla Fitzgerald

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