Summer Holiday Ideas To Do With Kids!

Quick, quick! The summer holidays are just around the corner and if you want to avoid a whole lot of 'Mum, I'm bored' and step into the holidays a little more prepared read on! Because let's face it -  the holidays should be a pleasant and relaxing experience for the entire family, especially after the challenging year that 2020 was. The biggest decision is “what will we be doing today?”. You want to invest in a range of stimulating, and eco-friendly activities to keep the young ones entertained and having a go-to box prepared will avoid many decisions later!

The best form of this has to be edutainment. Okay, I am sure you've never heard that word before because I am not sure it actually exists right now but lets just say it is a mixture between where you educate entertainingly - get it, edutainment.

Play, as you learn, is one of the best forms of child development. In addition to visiting interesting landmarks and other outdoor activities, there are the days when you will be chilling at home, and looking for activities for the kids to partake in so what should you have at home on hand for these kind of days?

Our go-to list of recommended activities and eco-friendly toys that will bring out the creative side in each member of the family:

Handmade Paper Kit

Have you ever wondered what to do with your child’s scribbles that they have crafted? One does not simply want to throw this away. Why not invest in an authentic Australian made product that is also kind to the environment?

Our handmade paper kit will transform their little masterpieces into works of art. This can then be cleverly repurposed as decor, and even gifts, seeing as the festive season is drawing near. There is nothing cuter than gifting a handmade gift to a loved one or friend. Each creation will be unique and special - making the recipient love it dearly for years to come. Hello Grandparents - you know they'll appreciate these ones!

This exclusive kit contains everything that you will need to tune a child into the nature around them. After the paper has dried, encourage them to make use of a variety of items in the garden, that they can find to add to their artwork. The sky is the limit!

Mini Garden Kit

Kids love seeing their artwork come to life, so why not invest in your own mini garden kit? They can get dirty, have fun, and also grow their own flowers, veggies and even herbs to use in the kitchen when making yummy pizza. Show them how to get handy this summer with some real life role play that we call - responsibility! 


This complete kit contains:

  • A glass mason jar
  • Mini white pebbles
  • Washed sand
  • Soil pallet
  • Wooden pallet
  • Glass dropper
  • Wooden toadstool
  • Wooden ladybug
  • Paper cup
  • Glass jar of cress seeds

Prepare the soil, plant the seeds, decorate your jars and watch it grow. You never know if you might get a visit from a fairy or two.

This product is eco-friendly, making it relatable to nature for the kids. Get them interested by teaching about birds and planting flowers that will attract bees.

Ladybird Rocks Mini Eco Bags

Introduce your little insect-enthusiast to the magic that a ladybird brings by letting them create their own artworks fo this mystical bug, which can be repurposed in the garden or gifted to the grandparents.

A fun treasure hunting game can be launched in the garden to get the entire family outside and engaged with nature. You never know what you might find outside! Let them excavate and see their imagination take flight. The bag was especially created with quality family time in mind. Slow down the moment with some careful creating.

This kit is jam-packed with all the creative goodies you will need to dress up your ladybug family and is sustainable to the Australian environment.

Natural Bag Tags Mini Eco Bags

If you are planning a trip over the summer holidays, why not get the kids and the whole family in the mood by investing in a designer Natural Bag Tag kit, and create your own custom bag tags.

The experience can be further enhanced by making a game out of seeing who can spot their tag and luggage first when arriving at your destination.

Another great idea to end the summer holidays off is preparing the kids for the school year that lies ahead, by repurposing this kit and letting the kids make their own sport kit bag tags or even school bags, and allow them to explore their individuality.

These proudly Australian bags contain sufficient materials for not just one, but two bag tags. Let them have a matching set for school, or have them make one for a bestie.

Lavender Lip Balm Mini Eco Bags

Are you battling to get your little one to put lip balm on their lips? or perhaps their is a little mini who loves to raid your makeup kit and well it is time they have their own! Our Lavender lip balm is the answer to your prayers! 

This kit will keep your little one busy by crafting their own lip balm, which they can then apply on their lips and show off to their friends. In no time, everyone will want to try the lip balm for themselves, including Mum.

The lavender lip balm kit contains only 100% natural ingredients such as fractioned coconut liquid, beeswax pallets, shea butter, and dried lavender - all beautifully complemented and finished off with a calico bag for storage afterwards. 


This one makes a great stocking filler!

Before you go...

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