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My top picks for newborn baby items

My top picks for newborn baby items

Time flies when you have a newborn! Can you believe our little Georgie is already 6 weeks old. She is growing so fast and is already starting to wear some 00 clothes!! Slow down please!

I thought now would be a good time to put together a list of my favourite newborn baby items. This follows on from my previous blog on what to pack in your hospital bag, but focuses on all the things I have been using with Georgie over the last 6 weeks. Enjoy!  

*All items mentioned below are based on items I actually use and have bought. There are no sponsored or affiliate links included in this blog. All views are my own. 

Swaddles & Blankets: There are so many swaddles on the market it is so hard to know what to buy and what you will use. For night time sleep I put Georgie in a Love to Dream. I used these with Isobel and they are super easy to get on and off and I feel comfortable knowing they promote safe sleep. You will need a few on hand for when those middle of the night nappy changes go wrong! Georgie is currently using the 2.5 tog swaddle at night to keep her warm.
During the early weeks I swaddled her during the day in either a bamboo cotton swaddle from Two Darlings or if a cooler day, a blanket from Heritage Blankets. Both are huge making it easy to wrap up a squirmy baby.

I have moved on from swaddling Georgie during the day but now use a pram blanket to keep her warm. Our favs are the Georgia Cuddle Mink Blanket from Heritage Blankets and a gorgeous wool blanket that we were gifted from family from Leroy Mac.

We stock a huge range of swaddles and blankets - all you need to choose is your favourite!

Bedding: I absolutely love the bassinet sheets from Snuggle Hunny Kids! They are so soft and snuggly and come in a range of gorgeous prints and colours. We have the Australiana & Lullaby on rotation. 

Clothes: Thankfully having two girls I have been able to reuse lots of Isobel’s items for Georgie. But of course she had to have some new items of her own! Our favs so far have been the Aster & Oak zip romper, Halo & Horns bamboo organics onesies and the Two Darlings harem pants and bodysuits. They are all super soft, practical and plenty of room to grow! Also ready to go in her wardrobe is the Terracotta Knit Sweater from Two Darlings and a pair of tights from Love Henry.

Pram: We have a Redsbaby pram in navy that we bought when we had Isobel. I love this pram so much - it is easy to fold down and you can change the configuration in so many ways. We recently added the second toddler seat and skateboard for Isobel. Georgie is just about to move out of the bassinet as she is very long! We have been using the bassinet for day sleeps so I can keep her nearby. 

Soothers: We have been using the small round Natural Rubber Soother & Pop Ya Tot Dummy chain. I love that the soother is all made from one piece - it’s easy to clean and Georgie seems to like it (most of the time!). I’ve got a few on the go now as I keep leaving them all over the house! 

Feeding: I mix feed my bubba’s so use a range of items for both bottle and breastfeeding. 

We have had great success with the Tommee Tippee range. I use their Closer to Nature bottles, electric sterilizer and bottle warmer. I also use their electric pump - it’s super compact and gentle. Much nicer than the big scary one I had to use in hospital with Isobel! I also love that I can pump straight into a bag and pop it in the freezer. 
This time around I also purchased a Haakaa. This has been a game changer for me, especially during the early days when my milk came in. The Haakaa works by creating gentle suction on your breast. I have used it to collect my let down while breastfeeding bub on the opposite breast. It has also been great to use during the night when I have engorged breasts - no noise! I purchased mine from Milkbar Breastpumps. They have a great range of products for breastfeeding mama’s!

My other breastfeeding must haves are lactation cookies from Milky Goodness and Mama Body Tea. My favourite is the Baby Bliss tea.

I have also invested in a maternity singlet from ModiBodi - excellent for catching those leaky boobs - especially at night time!  

Nappies: In the early days we used Huggies and have now moved on to Thankyou nappies. I always use their wipes too! They are nice and big and I find them gentle on bubs skin. I love using Thankyou nappies as I know that the profits are going to fund safe births and healthcare in third world countries. We will move to cloth nappies during the day once I’m through the newborn haze. 

Other must haves: My other must haves are cloth nappies from Big W - we use many a day to catch all those milk spit ups! I also love QV baby wash & moisturiser to keep bub’s skin soft. We have been using it with our toddler for a long time now and it is the only thing that helps with her eczema.

What are your baby must haves? Tell us in the comments!

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