You may know her for her love of interiors or beautiful taste in fashion and decor but the French born Mother, Stylist and Photographer Margaux has not only grown to love her permanent residency in Australia but loved adding to her brood as they recently welcomed another daughter to their Australian life.

Ambre & Lison are the cutest sister duo who are always dressed in the latest fashion. They are ahead of the trends with their perfect selections of knits, beanies and winter woolies. 

We ask Margaux some questions about her life here in Australia and dig deeper with some childrens fashion styling tips and tricks for you too! 

  1. Can you tell us what inspired The French Folk Blog & Socials? 

I guess it just happened without really looking at doing something big and my aesthetic changed so much in two years and a half. I started like everyone else, sharing everyday photos and my passion for styling, people started following along and it brought me where I am today 

  1. What made Australia be the place you wanted to live? 

The way of life here in Australia is something else, back in Europe the mentality is totally different and I never really fitted in the mould. I could see myself living here and raising my kids here from the day we arrived, there was something different here that made me feel myself and I have been loving the Australian life since then. It has been quite a long and hard process to be able to stay and live here but it was all worth it.

  1. You have incredible style, from your love of interiors to fashion. Can you give us some of your top tips to styling a home?

I am really good at sharing what I do but not the best to give tips, I guess everyone has different tastes and style so we don’t have all the same vision. I love working with earthy tones and I think they are great to bring a pinch of colour without being to eccentric. I also think wood is a key to make your style homely and warm, it brings texture and a natural touch. 



  1. What about kids fashion? For the mum looking to style her kids in the latest trends what are your tips? 

Being on Instagram, it is not hard to find the best pieces for kids and follow the trends. There are so many really cute designers on insta that create the most beautiful collections every season. I love minimalist clothes, linen, knits and often go for hearty/natural colours or pastel like lilac, lemon, dusty pink.


  1. We know you love a bit of Monkey Tree Store Fashion so can you tell us – what are your top picks for winter for girls? 

Monkey Tree Store has the cutest brands, my fav pick would be their knits and the Halo and Horns collection, their fabrics and style are the best. Bobby G. Is another one of my favourite for girls.

  1. With all the cute clothes you have we need to know – what do you do to keep their clothes so clean? 

Keeping them clean with Lison is still quite easy has she has only milk, but Ambre is complete different story. She is just the messiest kid when painting or eating so I just have some cheap clothes for activities or daycare because she ruins them. Stain remover is also my best friend since having kids 😂


  1. For the new mama about to have a baby; what are her essentials for bub? 

After two babies, I now realise you don’t need much, so many stuffs are useless and we spend money to use them twice. Your baby need essentials (onesies, pjs, beanies and socks) knits if it is a winter baby, they are the best to keep them warm, burp clothes, wrap carrier (the chekoh one are the best) and a SNOO (smart bed from Happiest Baby) this is the best invention for busy mums. Sleep training is hard and the SNOO is a complete life changer and time saver.

  1. As a busy mum of two running a blog and styling her new house can you tell us; what is next for The French Folk? 

I always have many ideas in my mind and I would love to develop my business a bit more but I need longer days or a second life. I would love to be able to sell my services as an interior designer again, be a photographer, create hacking packs/bundles based on all the hacks I have done myself, people would love that to make their own, and I would love to be able to open my vintage shop again but just really don’t have the time for that. I would love to create my own story filters too. Only god knows when I will have spare time for all this but I love living a busy life and got a creative mind so I’ll keep sharing all my little projects and hacks hoping I will keep inspiring people as long as I am still on here.

You can find the french folk on instagram here or visit her blog here. 

Written by Mikailla glossat

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