Introducing Tammi.TMB!

Most people don’t actually know but her Instagram account originated first as a business account. Tammi.TMB stands for ‘The Milk Boutique’ and her account was originally just this – her business... but before long people weren’t just showing up for the Milk Boutiques activewear but they were showing up to listen in and hear about her day to day!

They fell in love with her online persona and from there The Milk Boutique was moved on to its own page and Tammi.TMB was born as we all began to immerse ourselves in her inviting and entertaining mum of two life and an epic interstate lifestyle change from SA to QLD! The dreams came true for Tammi and we're hear to get to know more! 


  1. What was the major deciding factor for you in taking a huge leap in your business to transition your IG from business account to creator account?

    I needed to separate my business and personal life because I am fairly immature and love to share the real shit show about being a parent, so it was becoming quite unprofessional haha. I went straight into a “Creator” profile since I had already had brands approaching me asking to share their brands or products to my audience and I knew I would access better insights as a creator account.

  2. How do you think this has transformed the way your business performs online?

    Incredibly!! I had so many followers say “don’t make a new account!” as they always knew me as “The Milk Boutique”, but it was the best thing I ever did for my personal brand, and for The Milk Boutique, for both pages to grow and gain relevant followers yet intertwine when required or at my pleasure.

  3. The big move from SA to QLD - what was the WHY behind such a huge decision like this?

    We decided to not settle for the lifestyle we wanted for our kids, it was a generation lead for our family. If we never took the leap, our kids may have never taken the leap and so on. Our family was really understanding, and we have already had so many more business opportunities being on the Sunny Coast in just the 5 months we have lived here (plus the weather is incredible!!)

  4. Your life motto you live by and would encourage others to live by?

    We all have limiting beliefs about what we can achieve. Never underestimate yourself or your worth.

  5. What are your favourite pieces to dress your girls in day to day?

    I’m not a very stylish mum to be honest hahaha I just feel like they trash their clothes, so they sometimes wear dresses but usually they just live in t-shirts, bike shorts, and converse, or just pretty swimmers since we live at the beach for about 6 months out of the year.

  6. Tell us… did you keep any of the girls newborn clothing and why?

    They have the outfits they came home from the hospital in their drawers, but I don’t like to become too attached to clothing or anything it becomes clutter too easily!

  7. Is number 3 ever going to be on the cards for your family or is that door closed?

    Never say never but I think it wouldn’t happen (if it did) until 2022. I think I would struggle as a mum of 3, I already have a hard enough time with just 2, and I get major guilt about creating another human to add to the world’s population (sounds dramatic), but it overwhelms me and is always the first thing I think about if I consider a third. Number 3 would have to be here to change the world in the greenest way possible haha

  8. What does the future of TAMMI.TMB and THE MILK BOUTIQUE look like?

    A warehouse in Queensland for us to grow the brand and create more and more high quality, modern breastfeeding friendly pieces outside of just activewear. We have huge plans for this brand - we feel like it has so much potential and we are willing to take it to the next step.


Written by Mikhailla Fitzgerald

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