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Interview | Laura Bentley

Interview | Laura Bentley

Get ready to meet powerhouse mother of four Laura Bentley - followed religiously for her instagram account @_laurabentley_  where you will find more than just a mother. She shares the daily juggles and often struggles of what it is all really like. It hasn't been a seamless road for Laura - amongst budget hacks, documenting recipes and being outright fluent in sarcasm there was one very monumental moment in her life that lead her to where she is now... 

  1. Can you tell us for those who may be new to you what led you to be more budget conscious?

    A few years back we found ourselves in a pickle. We had bought our family home in a town called Port Hedland a couple of months before Indie was born. The price dropped so dramatically that we ended up selling it for 1/4 of what we paid for it and had to release every dollar we had saved to be released from the mortgage. We quite literally were back at nothing. We had moved to QLD, started a new business and were living week to week. Watching our money was the only way we could survive. 

  2. What is something everyone can do today to start saving more money?

    Be more aware of what you’re spending. The most simple way to save money is to not spend money. Try to keep it simple. Take your lunch with you, make your coffee at home, stop buying those $5/$10 items because they add up so fast. 

  3. Four babies! That sounds expensive to most of us but what age do you think is the ‘most’ expensive so far and why?

    Definitely Wills age, 12. Only because his interests are so different to the little kids. A 50c bubble wand isn’t as enjoyable for him. Trying to teach him about money now so that he understands why he can’t have all the trendy things. 

  4. It can be hard to keep up with the fashion trends – what are your best tips for styling kids through the season and saving money here?

    Stick with staples and shop the size up. Don't be afraid to invest in good quality clothes. They will last long enough to be handed down to your younger kids instead of the fast fashion from the big retail stores. 

  5. What is on your children’s dinner plate?

    Mainly veggies and carbs. I’m pretty lucky that they aren’t fussy eaters. I normally serve a big plate of chopped veggies and they pick what they want. Seems to encourage them to eat more.

  6. Can you share something that we might not already know?

    I never changed my name to my husbands so I don’t have the same last names as any of my children. 

  7. Your top Christmas picks for kids when trying to save and budget?

    Stick to something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. Plus an experience. But again, invest in quality. It will last longer. Also, don’t buy things because you think they are cute, buy them because you know your child will love them for longer than Christmas morning. 

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  8. What is one piece of advice you’d tell your past self?
    It’s ok to say no. 

  9. Three things you do everyday? 
  • Taking turns around the dinner table to share our best part of the day.
  • Check my house savings account.
  • Drink coffee.

    Last but not least... your 2021 goal is? 
    To be free of doubt and begin steaming ahead!

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