This beautiful Mama Jodi is a special one to the team at Monkey Tree Store because she is one of Monkey Tree Store’s very own brand reps. And she recently became our very first brand ambassador!That’s right – you will often see her gorgeous daughter Isla and son Felix spamming you with cute baby fashion and finds that will have you wanting the same things too! We love what brand reps do for a small business like ours because without them how would you know about Monkey Tree Store?

1. Jodi – We want to know more…tell us a little bit more about what you do on and off the gram?

On the gram, I rep and am on teams for some incredible small businesses. We love getting outdoors and exploring taking pics in amazing outfits and having fun, but I also love styling outfits and items too.
Off the gram, I work part time as a child and family counsellor. Besides that, we love getting outdoors, camping, bushwalking, heading to the beach and exploring Tassie’s finest spots.

2. How often do you hear ‘oh you have the perfect pigeon pair?’ and do you feel done?

I hear it a lot actually, and to be honest, for me having two healthy kiddos is more important than having a ‘pigeon pair’, but they are both pretty perfect in their own crazy ways. Definitely done - one on each arm is fine!!


3. Kids fashion finds – what are your favourite styles for toddler girls? Is Isla fussy in her outfit choices?

Isla’s fashion style is pretty broad - it ranges from pretty girly, to casual, to a bit of street-meets-sweet. We love having fun with her style, so that’s why Monkey Tree Store is perfect for Isla. She’s not overly fussy, but loves comfort... as well as all things rainbow! Her favourite styles for her are either just popping on a dress (must have good twirl factor!) or shorts and a tee.  

4. What about Felix? Does he let you dress him or does he prefer specific outfits? What are your top picks for him from @monkeytreestore?

Felix has no choice in what he wears haha! That might come back and bite me on the bum one day, but I’m embracing it for now!! I LOVE Felix in overalls - it’s my go to for sure. There’s such a great range of boys wear at Monkey Tree Store, which makes dressing Felix pretty easy. Our go-to’s from there are Wild Island Apparel overalls, Two Darlings, Precious April and Bobby G Baby Wear. Next on our list for both Felix and Isla are Halo and Horns - I love how practical, stylish and comfy they all look.

5. Tell us what a day of play might look like with your two little ones

Usually in the morning we will go out either for a play date or for an adventure. If it’s great weather typically we will head to the beach, or to the park. Anything to wear them out a bit really! 

Felix usually has a good couple of hours sleep in the middle of the day, so once he’s asleep, Isla and I will have “Isla’s choice”... which is usually a crazy list of things she draws up on the whiteboard that she wants to do! That can be anything from drawing and painting, to hopscotch and yoga or ‘helping’ me exercise, to sensory play, puzzles and our magnetic tiles. At the moment, fake snow has been a big hit! If it’s the weekend, she loves spending time with daddy in the shed playing games and helping him fix things. 

After Felix wakes, we will either have an afternoon at home, or head out for a walk. Then just all the usual nighttime stuff - dinner, baths, lots of books and bed.

6. The first place you’ll travel too internationally when the borders open and its safe again and why?

Hoi An in Vietnam. We talked about travelling here just before covid hit, as we’ve been there pre-kids and loved it, and it’s a great shorter distance when travelling with kids. We’ve also spoken about New Zealand and USA, so who knows where we will end up! 

7. What are your favourite stocking filler/ gift item choices that you recommend from Monkey Tree Store?

There so many to choose from, but here’s a list of last minute goodies I’ll be adding to our stockings this year from Monkey Tree Store;
Snackie cups from bare the label (these are game changers and a serious must have!!)
Anarkid barbie sets with matching kiddo clothes 
And anything from the Poppy and Daisy range 

8. Both kids are asleep – what is your go-to ‘alone time’ ritual you do?

Guilty of scrolling Instagram!! But usually, it’s popping on some kind of trashy tv show (I’m a sucker for the bachelor!!), and catching up on insta, editing pics or hanging out with my partner. I’ve recently started reading books again too, so that’s nice to do and switch off from the world. 

9. Three top tips to survive the Christmas holidays with kids and juggling multiple event attendances?

Write down everything in a diary first so nothing is forgotten.
Organise!! Getting on top of things early like presents, meal planning etc definitely makes me stress less and enjoy the time with friends and family. 2020 has been one crazy year, so now it’s about focusing on the positives, enjoying the moments and making memories.

10. Quick fire question – tell us Brad Pitt or Chris Hemsworth?  😉

 Chris Hemsworth... although I’m more of a Matthew McConaughey kind of gal 😉


To keep up with Jodi you can follow along her instagram journey here. 


Written by Mikhailla Fitzgerald

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