If you haven't heard of Jessiika Wilson then you may be about to discover a raw, real and outright hilarious influencer that will give your mind a break from the usual social media schedule as Jessiika walks you daily through her household antics, juggling motherhood with three under 5 and a full-time photography business. 

Jessiika has a true love of supporting small business with a large focus on interiors and fashion. Her page is known to be a hub of small business baby boutique fashions and you know if you visit her page you're sure to see a daily discount code that is hard to not grab and support with a purchase! You will be officially influenced! 

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your online social media presence?

I dove into the Instagram world in 2015 when I had my first son Levi and have just spent the past 5 years sharing my life with people. I would say in 2019 I had the most significant growth on my Instagram account.  I think after falling pregnant with Goldie I kind of found myself a little and was able to share my pregnancy and more about myself and people related to me and I’ve just continued to grow, it’s really amazing. I love connecting to the community that tune in. 


2. What are some of your favourite staples in Levi and Bowie’s wardrobe?

Skinny Jeans and oversized T’s! I use to think I loved having Boho boys but I really love the Skater boy vibes they throw off, it just suits them and they love it!

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3. You're photography business showcases your talent for capturing stunning images. Why do you love photographing newborns, maternity and birth sessions?

I just feel connected to it, after giving birth and having children my self it’s just something I relate to and so when I’m shooting I always think about what I would love to see and have in my own gallery and that helps me be more creative.


4. What fabrics do you reach for in the warmer months?

I love linen through and through it’s my go to for every season and what I feel comfortable in. Check out these cute linen bloomers to add to your cart for summer!


5. Being a busy working mum of three, we would love to know what are three things you never leave the house without?

My phone, wallet and the bloody nappy bag! 


6. Do you have any sentimental connections to any pieces of the kids clothing and what’s the story?

I have the first romper I ever bought for Goldie before I even knew she was a girl; it was a little floral piece and it’s stunning and I guess in my heart I just knew she was a girl and one day would wear it and turns out she was! It’s so small and I still have it and don’t think I could ever part with it 😊

For the boys I have a little bonds zippy, nothing fancy but Levi and Bowie both wore it home and Goldie has worn it also so I’ve kept that too. 

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7. Since the arrival of beautiful Goldie, what are some of the biggest differences you have noticed in being a mama to a little girl?

It’s hard to explain but it just feels different. For a long time I never thought I would have a daughter because we thought we were done with the two boys so it’s still surreal that she’s here.

I think the biggest difference is that I'm really conscious of our relationship, even though she’s young. My mother was a really great mum but she wasn’t very emotional and I don’t think she realises how that affected me growing up as a young girl going through change, heartache, high school drama, not being able to talk to her about that kind of stuff has really shaped me today.

I am very withdrawn with my feelings and Phil (my husband) has to really fight to get me to open up sometimes so in regards to Goldie I always think about what I am doing and saying and how it’s going to make her feel and just reassuring her that I’m listening and she can talk to me. I want the mother daughter relationship with her that I wished I had with my mum.

8. What is something your audience don’t know about you?

I think probably what I mentioned earlier, just that I bottle up a lot of things that I deal with and don’t share a lot about how I am feeling. But I am slowly working on that and opening up more and they probably see that when they tune into my IG stories more of late. 


Lets do some quick fire questions:

Harry Styles or Justin Bieber?
Bieber but only because of his last music video haha


Which IG guy would you marry? 
Noah Beck


Who is your dream girl?
Kendall Jenner is hawttttt


New House or a year-long holiday overseas?
Probably the house if it’s paid in full because then I could afford more holidays anyway!

You can see more of Jessiika Wilson on her instagram here or visit her website. 

Written by Mikhailla Fitzgerald

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