It's a new year and a *ahem* new you? 

Welcome to 2021! You made it through 2020! Well done. It definitely felt like a year that was a mix between super slow (I mean it literally stopped for many of us in March 2020) and then suddenly it flew. The whole world felt on pause and fast forward to new years eve 2020 and we blinked and we're here in 2021. 

A few days in and it begins to feel like the year is already escaping you right? If you set goals you might be starting off strong, super incredibly strong as you feel the pressure to keep yourself accountable. If you didn't set goals (yet) then you too might be feeling the pressure to get organised in one way or the other! 

I see this trending 2021 resolution happening around the 2021 goal setting process. The whole 'I am not setting a new years resolution' thing. Every second person is doing it as though setting goals/resolutions has become something other than a positive planning process as you move into a new year. 

The idea of not setting a new years resolution stems from not putting pressure on yourself to achieve goals that are measured higher than what is naturally obtainable for you but since when did goal setting become such a negative reflection for you? There is nothing wrong with aiming so high you almost can't reach it but what is important is the process of setting that goal and beginning. 

Let's forget about not setting goals and instead learn about how to stick to them. How to actually achieve them and tick them off one by one through the year! You've got 2021 just like you had 2020 through all the change and inconsistency it brought upon your daily life. 

How to stick to your 2021 goals:

  1. Plan out your goals 

    Plan your goals in an achievable way. What do you WANT to do this year and what CAN you do this year?  Write a list of 3-5 goals. 

  2. Categorise your goals

    Categorise your goals into different areas such as health, financial and personal.  Ensure there are not too many in the one category to stay on track! 

  3. Allocate your goal reach dates

    Writing down the date of which you can achieve your goals by realistically will help to eliminate that January pressure of achieving everything at once. You don't need to do everything by March - allocate your due dates for goals over the whole year. 

  4. Break down your goal achieving plan

    You know what you want to do and whether you can do it so now it is time to break down HOW you are going to do it! Health and fitness goals are commonly set in the beginning of a year so if you have a goal to lose 10kg one way you can do that is by allocating a goal of 2kg each month and breaking down how much exercise you need to incorporate each week and what kind of nutrition you need to consume. 

  5. Don't stop when you slip

    This is a big one - to not give up or stop just because you had a slip. Goal setting isn't about continuously stepping forward. As with anything in life there will be many set backs. Sickness, changes in plans, cancellations. Its okay to not always be progressing forward and it is important to account for that in your goals. To have a more relaxed day, week or month that incorporates the set backs you may face throughout the year. This can be reflected in the above same fitness goal of losing 10KG instead of allocating a weight loss goal of 2KG for one month you could reduce it to 1KG or no kilo's just to eliminate the pressure off yourself that month. Every month doesn't need to have the same tracking process. 

  6. Surround yourself with positivity (do a social clean out right now!)

    This one is more important than you think because if you take a bit of reflection on those around you or the social media feeds you consume daily they can easily influence your own thinking. Do a social media clean out now and align yourself with those who might be working towards similar goals to help you stay accountable with your own. 

  7. Manifesting in 2021

    The term manifesting has become vastly popular throughout the year of 2020 as more of us wanted to visualise what life would be like after a global pandemic and sometimes manifesting was the only form of visualising hope and change. You can learn about manifesting  and start applying it to help you reach your goals. If you can visualise it you can achieve and bring it to your life. 

  8. Skip Monday's reset

    Who said that Monday had to be the start of a new week? Splurging on a Friday doesn't mean your mindset has to say 'Oh well, I've already done something bad I may as well start fresh Monday' no! Instead start fresh tomorrow no matter what day it is. Forget Monday resets and simply start tomorrow! You will have far more 'good days' than bad when you don't wait for Monday. 

  9. Adapt your goals

    There is nothing wrong with changing the scheduled plan. You might be tracking ahead of your goals or perhaps you aren't and instead of stopping there check. 

  10. Reflect

    Reflecting on your goals and the year may be more beneficial than you think as this one very simple task can help you plan for the next goal you set better and lay it out to suit you better. You'll become a goal setting - goal achieving professional in no time! 


It's 2021, we are moving into a new world and sometimes goals might be something you don't want to set this year and that is okay but if I can encourage you to set one thing then do set your values for 2021. Values can be what shapes your year overall and allows you to live it more fully.   

"You've got this, let 2021 be about surrendering to your values to walk slowly towards your goals"

Before you kick-start the rest of your goal planning take a moment to look back at the goals you set in 2019 ahead of 2020 and work through them taking a moment to acknowledge what you achieved that you planned for and what you did outside of your plans! Sometimes you achieve incredible achievements that you didn't even have on your list! 

Goal set but don't goal stress! 

Written by Mikhailla Fitzgerald

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