Did you know that traditionally boxing day is actually the day we are meant to open presents? Instead it is now replaced with purchasing presents amongst the eagerly awaited Boxing Day sales! I mean imagine trying now to tell your family they have to wait until boxing day to open their presents? 

An Australian Boxing Day tradition that many can’t resist is shopping. Whether online or in-person, the hopes to catch all those post-Christmas sales is high on the priority list for many. I know as a teenager receiving Christmas day cash meant spending a lot of it the next day on sales! 

You can end up with some incredible bargains and a few weeks later also realise you ended up with a lot that wasn't needed but the power of a sale didn't have you saying no but this year - this year we've been doing a whole lot of online shopping and if there is one thing we can do to help you it is to shop smart and shop prepared! Let's get short and sharp! 

Top tips to prepare for Boxing day sales:

  • Join mailing lists
    Subscribe to the brands you are interested in purchasing from now! In some cases, brands share early access to their mailing lists first or better discounts that don't get seen elsewhere and you won't want to miss them!
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  • Create a notes list
    Create a list on your phone with your favourite brands or products you wish to purchase as a mental note to check those brands’ sales on Boxing day.

  • Set a budget.
    This is very important as your December salary needs to last until the next pay day in January. You need to know what you are prepared to spend and save it aside separately for that specific date. This will ensure that you stay within your means and don't get consumed by multiple other sales you didn't plan to engage in initially.  I know its tempting! 

  • Get a shopping buddy!
    Getting an accountability partner (one that is frugal when spending cash) will not only be a fun outing, whilst catching up with a friend, but this friend will act as a safety net so that you don’t overspend on your budget. Your friend will also be handy by navigating through the aisles in pursuit of the items that you are hunting for (one waits in the long line while one shops!)

  • Make use of free shipping options.
    If you prefer to shop online, look for retailers that offer free shipping options. Use any holiday coupons at your disposal as well. This is an especially helpful time to shop when you are shopping from various retailers for a bunch of smaller items. 

  • Prioritise need items first!
    Differentiating between “needs” and “wants” will also help you prioritise what needs to be purchased and might help you from going astray. It is very easy to get caught up in discounts and various special offers from retailers and manufacturers.

  • Start Early!
    Avoid shopping during peak times on Boxing day. This might hamper your shopping experience, and if you go too late, you might miss out on the items that you wish to get. It is advisable to enter malls and shops as early as possible. Look at it this way; you can reward yourself afterwards with a nice lunch, and how accomplished will you feel when you leave the shops just as the chaos begins!

  • Check back at end of day!
    Be on the lookout for last-minute deals from retailers that wish to clear their racks before close of business on Boxing day. You might find it more worthwhile to visit stores just before closing time. Your chances of picking up bargains are more significant. 

  • Cash out saved points now!
    Make use of your loyalty points, earned on your credit card from brands and retailers. It might be wise to save up throughout the year and then use these loyalty points for your Boxing day shopping spree once a year.

  • Come back!
    Lastly, don’t forget that Boxing Day sales don’t end on Boxing Day! If you go to the store on the day after, you might still be able to pick up leftover bargains on store inventories. The Christmas rush is over, and you will even be able to shop in peace for those much needed and sought-after items.

Here are our current items on sale. Our boxing day sale starts early on 24 December! 
Written by Mikhailla Fitzgerald

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