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This weeks blog post comes from one of our Monkey Tree brand team members - Kate Williams. Kate is mumma to 2 year old Zac. You can find her on Instagram @ourtigercub_and_us

Do you encourage your children to help out with age appropriate chores around the house?

This is a topic I have seen raised a number of times recently, and from what I have seen it has been mostly received with a lot of positivity, but I have also seen a few negative comments thrown around.

It got me thinking, do most parents encourage their children to help around the house, and if so, what kind of chores do they do and from what age?

Being a mumma of a 2 year old boy and no family around to babysit or to lend a hand if and when I need it, I have always included him in most of my day to day chores such as cooking, gardening and vacuuming. Even when he was a little baby I would have him next to me whilst I prepared dinner, or put him in the baby carrier while I walked around vacuuming the house.

And now that he is 2 and gets into absolutely everything if he’s left unattended for 5 seconds, if he wasn’t happy to tag along and help out I simply wouldn’t get anything done as I can’t leave him unsupervised whilst I spend an hour or so tidying.

I feel like I have been quite lucky in this respect, as he actually initiated his interest in the chores that he wanted to do.  It started with little things like washing up. We have a twin sink so I put him in his learning tower positioned at the smaller side and popped a few things in the water such as his plastic bottles and plates, and lots of bubble of course.

Then he started asking to water the plants and use the vacuum, and more recently insisted on putting the cutlery away from the dishwasher. This one actually made me a bit nervous, but I just make sure I remove the knives or anything sharp before I give him the basket. (And no, the cutlery never goes in the correct tray!). 

I was actually quite surprised when he started to take over some of the chores he had been watching me do, I just assumed that all kids hated to do chores. But it soon became apparent that he actually loved helping, and I was so happy to have my little sidekick join in as I could keep my eye on him whilst I worked and it was just one less thing I had to worry about.

Yes, everything takes 10 times longer than it should and it would be so much easier to do it by myself, but it just feels right that I encourage him to help and it makes total sense to me that he would want to be doing all of these things he see’s mummy and daddy doing too. I guess it makes him feel like he’s just the same as us and most importantly, part of the team!

I have no doubt that as he gets older he will show less and less interest in helping around the house. How do you keep your kids interested in contributing and working together with you?

Are there games you have created, or a rewards chart to keep them motivated? What are you children’s favourite chores to do around the house?

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