There has been a lot that has changed the way we shop in 2020 but one thing we can all be grateful for is the ability to shop online from the comfort of our own home. Even in a pandemic we know we are able to safely purchase goods to avoid missing those momentous occasions. 

Believe it or not though, gifting in a pandemic can be overwhelming as more than ever businesses are transforming their once bricks and mortar stores to be digital based and hitting marketing hard. You can be overwhelmed for choice, often giving you too many options and before you know it that birthday has arrived and you still don't have a gift to send. 

gifting in a pandemic

The best gifts to purchase during the 2020 pandemic 

  1. Create a care package - 

    A lot of people are staying home more often than not and the days and weeks are constantly meshing into one big month of everyday being the same. You can quickly change up someones day the moment they receive an unexpected care package with some directions!  This could be a box of food delivery with instructions to forget cooking for the next week, a celebration cake, an at home picnic platter or a beauty box of self-care products with an instruction to set a specific day and time next week to 'you time'. Change up their week with something exciting! 

  2. Seasonal clothing

    According to the current Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has meant a lot of households are purchasing everyday necessities first and often don't have the ability to buy additional items which means their wardrobes are last on the list of priorities! Clothing and other wardrobe essentials for the upcoming season are a great way to gift something that they won't be purchasing themselves right now.  We all need a 'stay at home' wardrobe in a pandemic but don't forget about the kids wardrobe, which we have a great range of here

  3. Sentimental products -

    A low cost and affordable option is gifting some beautiful printed photos framed for your receiver to feature in their home. With a lot of service based businesses struggling for customers considering a photo session, which can be a group gift, is a great way to not only help out a small business but give the gift of memories even in a pandemic! 

  4. Customised gifts - 

    You can show you are thinking of someone with something customised like these beautiful pendant necklaces or a personalised book for children.

  5. Family games - 

    Whether it is housemates or family, gifting cards and board games are a great way to encourage less time on social media and more time bonding with your household. There can be a lot of tension and repetitiveness with our need to stay home during a pandemic and drive us to distract ourselves with social media. This often results in a flood of news and can heighten anxiety. We highly recommend for friends the Monopoly Card Game or for a little more fun Never have I ever and Cards Against Humanity. We also love family friend games like Pictionary and Uno! 


Don't let a pandemic be the excuse you don't gift in 2020. There is a lot of great businesses with incredible packages that can be gifted, wrapped and sent direct to someone! We even have a best selling gift guide for baby shower gifting here.  If you are unsure always just reach out to a brand for the option of gift-wrapping direct to avoid having to send on product. 

With this in mind - the Christmas season is fast approaching making it a great time to begin thinking about gifting selections during the coronavirus pandemic and ensuring you are prepared to avoid the high traffic postage delays that will occur when everyone is online shopping for Christmas in December. 

Here is how to create your 2020 Christmas gift list:

  • Write down the names of everyone you need to purchase for 
  • Categorise names with age groups
  • Create a list of what said age group would like / suits them
  • Create a budget for each person and stick to it
  • Create a list of websites you would like to support first and what you need
  • Buy at once (e.g. if a store offers multiple items suited for mum, baby, friend) buy together to avoid multiple postage costs

Gifting in a pandemic is still achievable and we hope you are extra prepared for the 2020 Christmas season!  Good luck! 

Written by Mikhailla Fitzgerald

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