I can’t believe that the time has come to start packing my hospital bag for baby number 2! This pregnancy has absolutely flown by and time is running out.

When I was pregnant with Isobel, my bag was packed at 32 weeks, her room was picture perfect and everything was ready to go. Cue second pregnancy and this poor kid won’t even have it’s own room, let alone have I thought about packing my hospital bag until now!

Things sure are different the second time around. I remember doing all the research and getting overwhelmed before packing my bag last time - this time around I just simply don’t have the time or energy for that. And I am sure there are many mamas in the same boat.

How many onesies do I need? Should I take nappies? What should I wear? Do I need my hair straightener? (ok that ones probably a no!)

I remember having all these questions running around my head and wished that someone could just give me a straight up checklist based on how many nights I might be in hospital and advice from someone who had been there before. Our bags last time were a mish mash of clothes for me, clothes for bub and clothes for hubby (our hospital allows partners to stay overnight). I remember hubby trying to find clothes for the baby and for me straight after the birth - he had to go back into the bag a couple of times!

Thankfully this time around I found Sally and her amazing packing system, the suite set. Each reusable set comes with labelled packing bags and detailed, colour coordinated instructions on how, what and why to pack. Sally has included instructions for 1, 3 or 5 night stays - so simple and no thinking for this tired mama! I was in for 4 nights with Isobel so I will be packing for a 5 night stay this time, just in case. 

Using this system I was able to pack everything in about half an hour. It was so easy to use and hubby is happy because it will make life much easier for him when I ask him to get things from the bag! 

Hospital bag
Hospital bag

The Suite Set

The Suite SetThe Suite Set

Here are some items that are an absolute must for me:

  • Big black underwear! I got mine from Target this time around, but last time got them from Big W.
  • Phone charger! Don’t go without this!  
  • Maternity singlets from H&M - super comfy and easy access if you are breastfeeding. 
  • V-pillow! I made hubby go home and get this last time. Our hospital room had a queen size bed but not many pillows! The chair in our room was also quite deep (I’m a shortie!) and I had trouble sitting for long periods straight after the birth and trying to learn how to breastfeed. I used the pillow to sit on and to sit up in bed. 
  • CC-cream & lip gloss. Ok so this might sound a bit vain but honestly for me being able to shower and pop on a tiny bit of makeup each morning made me feel so much better and more like myself! 

Other items that I am going to use this time around:

  • Lactation cookies from Milky Goodness: My milk didn’t come in until day 5 or 6 with Isobel so this time I’m going to start eating lactation cookies from day 1! They are a super yummy snack and come wrapped in packs of 2. 
  • Two Darlings wraps: Our beautiful wraps from Two Darlings are the perfect size for wrapping a newborn and I am in love with the prints and colours we currently have. 
  • Aster & Oak harems and onesie: This will be bubs going home outfit. Our baby range from Aster & Oak is made from the softest organic cotton. 
  • Natural Rubber Soother dummies: We used a dummy from very early on with Isobel to help us all get some sleep! 

Monkey Tree itemsMonkey Tree items

Lactation cookiesHospital bag

Another way to take the stress and effort out of packing your hospital bag is an Eco-Mum Pack from The Kindred Potts. It is a pre-packed hospital bag that includes all of the products you need for your hospital stay and post-natal care. All products are Eco-Friendly, Organic and Vegan. This one is also a great baby shower gift! 

Kindred Potts pack


Thanks for reading! Make sure you check out our IGTV for a close up look at some of the items! 

We want to hear from you! What could you not live without in hospital or what do you wish you took? Tell me in the comments or head over to our Insta page. 

Written by Samantha Chapman

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