Four simple (but authentic) ways to help your child learn numbers!

As parents we are encouraged to read to our children daily… but nobody ever seems to mention maths.🤷

We all know the importance of maths… but often we don’t know where to start😮.

We welcome guest blogger Dr Ange Rogers to give us a few simple ways you can incorporate maths into every day life. 

Too often we think our children “need” to know their numbers, or be able to add, or count to 100 before they go to school… the truth is… they will learn these skills, when they see the “need”!

I saw a perfect example of this a few weeks ago with my 4 year old daughter…

It’s amazing, how all of a sudden, a light bulb goes on and children ‘see’ something they hadn’t noticed before.💡

Well for Miss 4, it was numbers. 😊

It all started because she wanted to use the iPad and it was locked. 😌

She had watched her sisters unlock it and wanted to be able to do the same.

Our passcode is something I wouldn’t forget (333333) and suddenly she was asking “Mum can you show me what 3 looks like?”

Then she began to recognise the digit 3 everywhere… on letterboxes… on the TV remote…on the blender…😁

This was a perfect example of capitalizing on Miss 4’s “need” to learn the digit 3… she could see the purpose and she was motivated! That is authentic learning!

So, then I began providing her with other opportunities to ‘see’ the numbers around our house…these are a few of the ideas…

  1. I invited her to change the channel on the TV using the remote. In this video you can see the Number Recognition and directional language she was learning without even noticing!
  2. I invited her to press the button on the blender and turn the dial on the toaster to a particular number. Again, an authentic way to work on Number Recognition. 
  3. I found an old keyboard and calculator and let Miss 4 play with them…We played games of “offices”, “shops” and “dentists”. Miss 4 worked on the front desk and needed my phone number for her “records”. Here is a short snippet of us playing dentists.

So, there you have it… some easy, simple ways for you to incorporate Number Recognition into your daily routine… minimal equipment, no stress… just authentic fun learning!

Did you know that if you spend just 2 minutes sharing a “maths moment” with your child, by the time they start school they will have done over 60 hours of incidental maths! 👏

Believe me, that will make a huge difference in your child’s achievement and attitude to maths.💪

My advice is: keep it simple and be aware of the maths that is all around you!!

Dr Ange

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About the Blogger…

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Dr Ange Rogers. 🎓

I was a Primary School teacher for 8 years in Melbourne. I LOVED teaching in the classroom and my favourite subject to teach was maths. Now I must admit it is not that COOL to say you LOVE maths- in fact most people look at me like I have a few screws loose when I say I do…but I honestly found it the hardest but most rewarding part of my day as a teacher.🏫

Fast forward 10 years and I have 4 lovely children (aged 1 to 11 years old) and in 2014 I took my love of maths teaching to the next level, by completing a PhD in Maths Education! 

After 4 years of PhD research, I now consider myself an EXPERT in how children learn Number, and I take great pleasure in translating the latest maths research into practical, easy ideas for time poor parents. 

You can check out my account @numberdoctors on Instagram and Facebook

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