Let's talk dummies. 

If you’ve ever used a dummy before and felt a pang of guilt, you’re not alone! Everyone has their opinions on the great dummy debate but popping a dummy into your baby's mouth to settle them isn't the worst thing in the world. Babies are born with a natural sucking instinct and using a dummy has many benefits for both you and bub! 

The hard part is when the time comes to wean your little one off dummies. But most parents fear the thought of taking it away, rather than actually doing it and the reality is, it’s not as painful as you may think! Of course, there will be a few tears and tantrums but if you’ve only been using dummies when your little one really needs it, it should be pretty straightforward, and they should be over it in a few days. Some children will even start to phase it out themselves as they develop other coping skills!

BIBS Dummies at Monkey Tree Store

If you're ready to kick the dummy guilt and accept the help of a dummy we have good news because BIBS Dummies are now stocked at Monkey Tree Store and we're so excited!  

The natural, rubber pacifiers mimick the shape and soft materials of a breast and are great for allowing your child to self soothe! We carry them in a rage of gorgeous colours in sizes 1-3. Check them out here!

 And remember, introducing a dummy is a good thing and not something to feel guilty about! We think BIBS Dummies are a great place to start x 

Written by Mikhailla Fitzgerald

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