If its your first time ever thinking about back to school, well just know that this time every year for approximately the next twelve years you will be doing this exact same thing - preparing for back to school! I mean that in the most sensational way.

I mean in all seriousness, how lucky are we to have firstly survived the first five or six years of chaos parenting through newborns, toddlers and mini threenagers. You feel like you've finally surpassed those years but amongst the back-to-school planning you realise that suddenly this is about to take you to the next level of parenthood. 

  • Very efficient planning ahead is required
  • Money that grows on tree's is ideal 
  • Additional existent time for homework
  • Socially approved lunch boxes

Okay, so I am totally kidding. Back to school or even starting school in 2021 or commencing daycare seems a little more daunting than it actually is but you're here now and it is time to get organised! 

We have officially created a curated selection of must-have's that are going to make the organisation and prepping for the year ahead part easy! Back to school in 2021 prep is one thing you will be able to give a big tick off the list this week! 

What you need for school and child care in 2021


      Take this as a piece of advice from a now experienced mum. When my daughter first started daycare in 2018 I bought some shoes from Kmart. I thought well since they are going to get thrashed that it would be easy enough to replace them. However, I quickly learned from all the seasoned mums that quality lasts! I was replacing the Kmart shoes every 2 months (inconvenient) and by the end of the year had spent more on Kmart shoes than I would've just investing in a quality pair instead. 

      I can 100% confirm the Byron Sneaker is a favourite! It is a shoe a child can pop on and off themselves with an easy slip on and slip off, hassle free, velcro fastening. It is leather-lined inside, with a flexible durable sole to encourage natural foot movement plus padded ankle support is a big thumbs up! These are shoes that will last the WHOLE year of 2021! 

      The Byron Sneaker at Monkey Tree Store comes in Tan,  Dusty Pink and Khaki. 

      Back to school shoe of 2021 


      How many pairs of socks did you start with last year? Now how many still have their matching sock? Socks are the one thing that never stay together long. They find a long, lost home somewhere else and we are still yet to determine where they venture off too. But if your sock sets haven't made their way back into the cupboard ready for 2021 then it is time to grab some more!

      We love our Skyler socks from brand Precious April. They are incredibly soft, 100% cotton, secure and all round perfect! The sizes are 1-2y, 2-4y & 4-6y so we definitely have your little feet covered! Quite literally! 

    3. BACKPACK  

      We don't want to overwhelm you in your necessaries. I am sure you have a big enough list to follow already but a backpack that teams as both quality, versatile and on-trend is a big tick. It will last more than just 2021 which if we don't say so ourselves the Bec and Bello backpacks are a perfect go-to! 

      Get ready for all the questions that will come with owning this backpack because once you hold it and see for yourself all your friends will want them for their children too! 


I am serious, we don't want to overwhelm you but more so just lead you in the right direction of the investments that are worth making happening at the beginning of the back to school year in 2021. Don't forget to update your diary with all the key public holiday dates so you don't do drop-off on a public holiday too! It does happen! 

Help out our motherhood community and drop a comment below with your essential back to school needs! 

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Written by Mikhailla Fitzgerald

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