School holidays are fast approaching and since the last year or so has been so tough on us (we're looking at you COVID-19) we think these winter holidays are a great time to have some fun and, if you can, have a little vacation!
I hope this gives you a little bit of school holiday inspiration so you can avoid dreading trying to think of something to do with the kids for 2 weeks straight. I've included a mix of free and paid activities and ones you can do close to home and ones that you'll need to take a little road trip for.  


There's so many fun things to do with kids while camping! Thinking exploring the grounds on a hike, stargazing, getting creative by painting some tress and writing special messages on rocks and throwing them into the waterfall! Plus, you'll make some amazing memories by the campfire roasting marshmallows with your little ones. 

Backyard Camping

If you can't make it out into nature, camp out in the backyard! Set up a little camp station inside the trampoline or grab some camping gear of marketplace and teach the kids to pitch a tent. This is a fun winter holiday activity, and cheap (resell the camping gear when you're finished), the kids will love it! 

Theme Parks

Everyone knows kids love going to theme parks and it is the perfect thing to do on school holidays. Don't be afraid to indulge and put some much needed funds back into the economy and make a day of it - you could even hit a couple in one day if you're feeling adventurous!

At Home Baking 

Warm the house up with some delicious baking with your little ones. It's a great time to swap the toast for some delicious pancakes and spend some time teaching your kids how to cook. Plus, it doesn't have to be all unhealthy - you can make some healthy snacks for kids too. Check out this blog post for recipes your kids will love! 

Animal Farms

There are so many fantastic petting zoos, farms and dairy tours and there's bound to be one near you! If not, why not make a road trip out of it and stop at cute country abodes along the way! You will love seeing your little on holing a fluffy chick or feedings a gorgeous little lamb.

Indoor Trampoline 

For something a little closer to home, head to an indoor trampoline venue! These places are all the rage at the moment and the kids are loving them! It's not only a great place to exert some energy and have some fun, but it helps to develop kids balance, coordination and agility. 

Movies & Bowling

Have a family day out with movies and bowling. There are always plenty of great new releases around school holidays so take the kids to see the newest film and then head to the local bowling alley for a fun game!

Snow Season

The snow season here in Australia is looking great already! If you've got the time and the funds, take a trip to the snow! Teach your kids to ski or snowboard, slide down the snowy hills on the toboggan, then warm up in the cafe with a delicious hot chocolate.
Hopefully this has helped  you feel more prepared to keep your kids busy during the winter school holidays!
Written by Mikhailla Fitzgerald

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