There are many kinds of fathers in the world and if you are lucky enough to hold your father close and in the highest regard then we have written a letter especially to him for Fathers Day.   

This letter is written through the appreciation of what a child has with the bond of their father.  In honour of all the special Fathers in the world, take a moment to share with them some special words whether written by your own child or from our letter below. 

Dear Daddy,

I often wonder if you know how special you are to me. 
I know I am special to you, but you light up my world. 
This world is full of rules all day long, some of which I don't understand 
but then you walk through the door and it is almost as though the rules
become easier to comprehend. 

You have a way with me, you make my day seem easy.
I am a ball of emotions, emotions I am still trying to understand but
you pick me up and throw me in the air and I forget about any despair. You are the kind of daddy that will bend right down and sit  to spend time with me and my favourite toy. Your attention is always undivided for me.

You have patience, I can just tell how much you love me.
You have the ability to show me that the world is not always as it seems but when everything gets too hard you know to just pick me up, listen and cuddle in to me. You make everything disappear.

I know there have been times you've felt tired, frustrated or worried about how different life is now to how it was before but I see you also watch me and stare in amazement as I continue to grow right before you. 

We are in this together daddy, for you have only been a parent as long as I have been your child and together we are learning to be the best daddy, daughter/son duo like never before. 

On the days you wonder if you are getting it right just know daddy that you are all I ever need. The parts of yourself you give up to just keep giving to me is the part that makes you a daddy like never before. These little things are what I remember even more.

The day you became a daddy was the best day for me too. 
I know because I got the best daddy of all the daddies in the world. 
You are the perfect one for me. 

I know daddy that I've said it before but I love you with all my heart has and can't wait for you to walk through that door. It is my favourite part of every day and when you sit down at night to read me a book, cuddle me tight and tuck me in with a kiss good night - I go to sleep thinking just how much I love my daddy. 

To honour all the Fathers of little people this Fathers Day we have created a template you can upload onto your Instagram stories - write the text, tag your child's daddy and tag @monkeytreestore so we can re-share. Don't forget the letter to that special Daddy too. 

Tag a special father - template

A letter to a special daddy


On behalf of Monkey Tree Store we would like to wish a Happy Fathers day to all of the special daddies and those beautiful mothers playing both of the roles. Fathers Day is equally a day you should make about you. 

Fathers Day 2020 Daddy Letter

Fathers Day 2020 Dedication to Dad

The special dad behind Monkey Tree Store playing with his daughters.
Izzy playing Under The Sea Memory Game. Georgie wearing Mauve Flutter Suit.

Best Wishes,

Monkey Tree Store Team. 

Written by Mikhailla Fitzgerald

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