Monkey Tree

  • Surviving social distancing with your toddler - play based ideas

    Wow what a strange time this is! Activities are cancelled, everyone is trying to stay home as much as possible and many of us have taken our kids out of childcare and school. I have pulled this list together to help give you some new ideas for activities you can do at home - thanks to our wonderful Monkey Tree community who shared their favourite Instagram accounts with us! 
  • Getting ready for baby - packing for hospital!

    How many onesies do I need? Should I take nappies? What should I wear? Do I need my hair straightener? (ok that ones probably a no!)

    I remember having all these questions running around my head and wished that someone could just give me a straight up checklist based on how many nights I might be in hospital and advice from someone who had been there before. Our bags last time were a mish mash of clothes for me, clothes for bub and clothes for hubby.

  • Christmas Gift Guide

    Can you believe Christmas is less than 2 months away? I always find it gets to this time of the year and I realise how many people I need to buy for! Particularly kids!
  • Toddler food ideas 

    If your like me, I am always looking for new ideas on what to feed my 2 year old. Most of them time we try to encourage her to eat what we are eating, but when you get home late from work and they are starving it’s easier to have something prepared in the freezer! 
  • Road tripping with a toddler (and a dog!)

    We are currently on holidays in the beautiful town of Brunswick Heads (far north coast of NSW - just near Byron Bay). Because we might be a little bit crazy we decided to make the 12 hour drive north from Cooma to get to our destination rather than fly. Why? Well we wanted to take our dog with us on holidays this year and this holiday is about exploring the local towns and region around Byron Bay, so having our own car makes life much easier! 
  • Household chores for kids...

    Do you encourage your children to help out with age appropriate chores around the house?

    This is a topic I have seen raised a number of times recently, and from what I have seen it has been mostly received with a lot of positivity, but I have also seen a few negative comments thrown around.

    It got me thinking, do most parents encourage their children to help around the house, and if so, what kind of chores do they do and from what age?

  • Our story so far...

    I often get asked what inspired me to start Monkey Tree - so this is our story (so far!)..

    I'm a Melbourne girl through and through but in 2015 my husband got a new job and we made the move to a small country town in the Snowy Mountains, NSW called Cooma. I had only ever driven through Cooma once - I had no idea what I was in for!